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Infuse Your Grilled Meats with Ethnic Flavors

Rubs from s.a.l.t sisters are an easy way to infuse your grilled meats and vegetables with exciting ethnic flavors–from Cajun to Caribbean Jerk. s.a.l.t sisters combined traditional essences including paprika and dry mustard with eccentric blends from coconut sugar, lemon juice powder to smoked black pepper to orange peel and honey powder. Perfect for traditional meals around the calendar, especially during Christmas and the New Year!

salt sisters

Impress guest’s palates with Honey Glaze rubbed ribs, Key West Seafood rubbed scallops and shrimps along with Memphis BBQ rubbed corn on the cob!

r.u.b.s has the following flavors:

§  All-Purpose BBQ: Unrefined sea salt, parsley, smoked paprika, black pepper, honey powder, onion, herbs and spices

§  Blackening Cajun: Unrefined sea salt, paprika, onion, garlic, cayenne pepper and spices

§  Caribbean Jerk: Coconut sugar, unrefined sea salt, black pepper, chili pepper, paprika, onion, herbs and spices

§  Dragon’s Breath: Unrefined sea salt, smoked black pepper, red pepper, smoked paprika and herbs

§  Flaming Fowl Rub: Fiery hot, this rub is unrefined sea salt, paprika, honey powder, dry mustard, fennel, celery, habañero pepper and spices

§  Honey Glaze: Unrefined sea salt, honey powder, onion, garlic and paprika

§  Key West Seafood: Unrefined sea salt, onion, orange peel, ginger, sesame seeds, coconut sugar, black pepper and spices

§  Mediterranean: Unrefined sea salt, oregano, basil, lemon peel, red bell peppers, vinegar powder, red peppers, herbs & spices

§  Memphis BBQ: Coconut sugar, unrefined, smoked sea salt, black pepper, chili powder, paprika, garlic, vinegar powder, onion and spices

§  Porcini Poultry Rub: Unrefined sea salt, porcini mushrooms, garlic, lemon peel, herbs and spices

§  Smoked Bird Rub: Unrefined smoked sea salt, honey powder, garlic, dry mustard, fennel, herbs and spices

§  Tex-Mex: Unrefined sea salt, chili powder, onion, tomato powder, honey powder, paprika, dried mustard, black pepper, lime juice, herbs and spices

§  Tom-Tom Rub: Unrefined sea salt, paprika, honey powder, dry mustard, fennel, celery and spices complete this sweet tradition

§  West Coast Poultry Rub: A citrus zing made of unrefined sea salt, rosemary, garlic powder, orange peel, lemon peel and lemon juice powder

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